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How Ominous?

I saw an omen in the night.

I said, “You’re bad.”

It said, “You’re right.”

You say you saw the omen too.

You said, “You’re good.”

It said, “That’s true.”

I asked the omen, “How is it

“To them you’re great,

“To me you’re shit?”

The omen smiled and replied

“I choose to be

“What you decide.”

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Honestly, It Feels Wrong To Give This Poem An Ironic Title, So I’m Just Going To Call It “Charles”

I am not the clothes I wear.

I’m not the style of my hair.

I’m not my height or weight or style,

Neither my scowl nor my smile.

All these things that you can see

Mean nothing to that which is me.

I’m what I do, or so I’ve found;

My body’s just to get around.

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The Best Sense Is Nonsense

The neighbor’s chihuahua

Is barking next door.

The children threw up

On the living room floor.

A road crew’s jackhammer

Is going to work

And the top trending hashtags

Are #MeToo and #Twerk.

The wife is yelling

That the kids won’t be quiet.

The kids say “it’s Trump’s fault”

And he doesn’t deny it.

And in this glorious moment

That, to you, might seem stressful

I begin to know why

Helen Keller was so successful.

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