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Fair Retails Before Bed

Once there was a tired gent.

To bed went he; To sleep he went.

The other folks said “Mama Mia!”

For the bed he went was in Ikea.

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Coming Soon To The MCU: Night Owl

I’m tired and I’m sleepy

And I want to rest my mind,

But there is a problem

That I cannot leave behind:

As much as I need slumber

And as much as I need rest

Staying up unreasonably late

Is the one thing I do best.

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I Dream of England

Jerry was snoring

In bed in New Hamphire.

“Zzz” was the sound from his head.

Gerald was snoring

In the Hampshire of olde,

And onlookers heard “Zedzedzed.”

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When Your Circadian Rhythm Plays Jazz

As we wander, wounded,

Through the world of time and space

We can lie horizontally

With a pillow in our face

And reset the weary burdens

We have gained throughout the day,

Except whenever I try to do so

My brain wakes up to play…

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Thar’s Lookin’ At The Bri’ Side!

I went to bed at midnight

And woke at 5:00 AM

Happy, peaceful, prepped to seize the day,

“But its early” I thought

And so I hatched a plot

To sleep a few more hours anyway.

Now its just about 11:00

And I’m achy, sick, and bored

Wondering what the heck went wrong.

Now I’ll get dumped and buy a gun

And call up Brooks and Dunn

And maybe this day can be a country song!

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The Long Haul

I watch you smile

In your sleep.

What secrets do

Your dreams so keep?

Will the joyfulness

Your rest bestowed

Remain when you see

Your car’s been towed?

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And We All Know What Happens Next…

I’m sleepy, you’re sleepy.

We want to rest our heads

On pillows of fake feathers

On man-made plastic  beds,

To cover up our bodies

With decorative textile sheets,

To halt electric lumination

And slow down our heartbeats.

We want our minds to wander

In the land of peaceful dreams

Until we gently are awakened

By sunlight’s gentle beams.

And so we go through the motions

To finally go to sleep,

We close our eyes a moment

And then our phone goes beep…

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Being Tired/Me

It’s late and I’m tired.

Around my head animated ducks do dance.

I could go to bed

But realistically there’s really no chance.

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Confessions of… Someone Who Isn’t Me *wink*

It seems when I awake

With the rooster’s joyful call

Then I approach the day

Knowing I can conquer all

But when I awake

With the sound of my own snoring

I can leave the conquering to you.

I like my life more boring.

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Trouble Sleeping

I dreamt that I was sleeping
A dreamless sort of sleep.
Then my dream was invaded
By countless uncounted sheep.

I counted the invaders
And so fell asleep again.
This poem may be real or not,
But either way it’s zen.

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