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Why The Unicorns Left

She grew up in the forest

And learned to talk to trees

By singing with the birds of prey

And dancing with the bees.

She trained to be a hunter

From the day that she was born.

She dreamt she’d be the first to find

The mythic unicorn.

She found black stallions, powerful,

And pegasus in white,

Beasts that pulled the wagon far

And those who bore a knight.

She found horses of the sea

And horses tame and wild,

And yesterday her dream came true

And found it bright and mild:

The unicorn! Resplendent

In shades of gold and blue,

With a horn that shone like rainbows

And eyes of emerald hue.

She gazed upon the creature

And stroked its noble head

Then noticed it was unemployed

And rode a mule instead.

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The Acorn

A unicorn has one horn.

A bicorn has two.

A polycorn has many horns

That can stick into you.

So a unicorn with no horn

Is an acorn, I suppose.

If you didn’t believe in magic,

Well, I guess now you knows.

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True Confessions (of a Unicorn)

They say you cannot fit square pegs
Into circular holes.
But a square peg isn’t inferior,
It just plays different roles.

So everyone has a job to do,
A reason they were born,
But some folks don’t fit in as well,
Like me, the unicorn.

I cannot do a lot of jobs
‘Cause I don’t have any hands,
And I don’t know jobs whose benefits
Include access to grazing lands.

So since I can’t find real work
I became a line of merchandise,
The reason you’ve never seen me
Is ’cause I walk around in disguise.

I’m satisfied with life as is,
But if I had the choice
I’d be reborn as a nazgul’s horse
‘Cause mares dig bad horse boys.

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