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When You Write Yourself An Anniversary Poem

Nine years ago, a bright young lad

With a twinkle in his eyes

Began a grand adventure

(Which, in hindsight, wasn’t wise),

His goal to publish poetry,

Of dubious merit at best

And to do so unfailingly

Without a day of rest.

More or less that happened,

And here we stand today,

With me patting myself on the back

And you mumbling “okaaaaay?”

Thank you for continuing

To read the swill I write.

Let jollity malinger…

And with that I say good night!

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The 1,400th Travesty

Many, many years ago…

Five, to be exact,

The world became quite marginally

More worser. That’s a fact!

‘Cause many, many five years prior

To the day you read this crap

Was the day I quit my arson hobby

And downloaded the WordPress app.

Many days of wonder,

Days of beauty, truth, and vision

Never came to pass

Thanks to my poem-a-day decision,

So celebrate what could have been

Where it not for me,

And happy 1,400th post

Dear Daily Travesty!


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Happy 3.6630137th Anniversary! (Give or Take)

Yesterday I got a badge

From my blog on WordPress here

That said “you’ve made 1,337 posts.”

Of that I’m glad to hear.

I wonder about the programmer

Who came up with that badge though.

Why 1,337 is so important…

Will we ever really know?

Sure, there is 1,000.

There is 2,000 too.

1,500, 999, or even 2,002.

But 1,337

Was the number this guy chose.

Well, thanks for sticking with me

And sharing moments just like those!

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