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Downside? Nazi Riots. Upside? Easy Day For Bad Poetry.

Everyday I seek to write

A really lousy poem

Where life is hard and then the good guys lose,

But today I can be lazy

And write this poem instead

‘Cause my narrative is just Virginia’s news.

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Saturday, March the Whateverth

You ever have

Those lazy days

Where you do nothing

In all sorts of ways?

You listen to comedy,

Read some books,

Watch youtube clips

Of stupid crooks,

Eat canned meat

And drink whole milk

And critique the jazz

Of Acker Bilk?

‘Til 5:00 PM

You stay in bed?

Me neither. What an imagination

In my head. 🙂

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Snow Days

Today I tried to do nothing.

I stayed in bed all day.

I didn’t eat or drink or poop

Or breathe or sweat or pray.

I avoided salivating 

And I didn’t leave my room.

I didn’t shower so my odor

Now surrounds me in a plume.

I didn’t read or watch TV.

I didn’t surf the net.

I did not look out the window

And I didn’t feed my pet.

I neglected all life’s naggings

And engaged in nary a vice

And if tomorrow’s snowy also,

Well, I just might do it twice!

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…And Don’t Even Get Me Started On Verse And Meter!

A picture is worth a thousand words…

I’m sure there’s a poem there.

Normally I’d be lazy and post a picture

But tonight even that much I don’t care.

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The US Constitution (As Read By Congress)

On a sandwich. 

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Go There And Do Nothing

Don’t send her a breakup text

Next time your love’s in doubt.

Instead you take her to the gym

To show her how you’re not working out.

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Confessions of… Someone Who Isn’t Me *wink*

It seems when I awake

With the rooster’s joyful call

Then I approach the day

Knowing I can conquer all

But when I awake

With the sound of my own snoring

I can leave the conquering to you.

I like my life more boring.

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