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An Alternative To The Lemonade Stand

When you experience the Summer

And it’s so hot that you say “Bummer”

I have a solution to your caper:

A fan made from some folded paper!

You can make your own cool Heaven

From a folded eight-and-a-half by eleven

That you swing repeatedly at your face

And hope you cause air to displace.

This air will make your sweat go poof

And you go from hot to cool, aloof.

Buy one now! They’re really nifty!

Or buy two for just $18.50!

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Welcome To Alaska

‘Twas 1:00 O’clock, so said my watch

But be it day or night

I could not tell, for in the sky

Was a full moon so bright.

Beside it in the starlight

A single star shone brighter;

It was the sun, and so begun

Our first three-month all-nighter.

In the East the sun did rise,

And in the West it sets,

But in the North it matters not

How late the daytime gets.

‘Twas in the Summer moonlight

That I saw the Summer sun,

And so it is both day and night

Until the Summer’s done.

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Summertime In Washington State

When in the Summer

Humid, hot,

You’re AC’s working…

Wait, it’s not.

You’re sweating, panting,

Hope has died,

Your thoughts have turned

To homicide…

My days are filled

With thoughts like these.

Can you believe

It’s 78 degrees?

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Where The Real Happiness Lies

It’s a hot Summer day

In paradise.

The sunscreen is out

And the coffee’s on ice.

The sun’s glow is amber.

The birds casually glide.

It makes me so sad

There’s no TV outside.

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Summer’s Vacation

It’s a windy Autumn day
In the middle of July.
The wind blows piles of amber leaves
And I have to wonder why.

Perhaps the weather’s wardrobe
Is being washed today
And it has to wear replacement seasons
While its Summer is away.

Perhaps it’s due to climate change
And too little CO2.
If we all drive and pollute more
It’ll be warm like it’s supposed to.

And perhaps it’s just the way it is
And we should enjoy the cool.
Take some time for hiking
That might’ve been for the pool.

It’s a windy Autumn day,
But not per se a bummer.
It all depends upon how much
You love or hate the Summer.

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The End of Summer

The leaves turn red
and orange and gold.
The days grow short,
The weather, cold.

School’s in session,
And a cool breeze
Stirs leafy ground
And furrows trees.

The Summer’s done,
But I’ll mail ya
Summer poems
From Australia.

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I’m finished with finals!
I’m finally done!
And now all the classrooms
Make way for the sun!

Exams are extinguished
And classes are passed.
The papers are written.
Summer’s here at long last!

Commitments are finished,
At least ’til the Fall.
What will I do?
How ’bout nothing at all?

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