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Linguistic History 101

I love how someone decided

That they could just combine

Two words and make another word

And act like it was fine.

So came about such portmanteaus

As “Sandpaper” and “Sweatshirt”,

And even though no harm was done

I’m feeling kind of butt-hurt.

And how come some compound words

Need to be hyphenated?

Like cross-eye, but not loveseat?

Is anyone else devastated?

Apparently the jury’s out

And no one cares but me.

I think I’ll solve this once and for all

By founding Germany.

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Guess Which One Is Double-Majoring In Sociology?

I said “I’m learning Spanish

“‘Cause I fear soon it will be vital.”

She said “I’m learning Japanese

“To watch anime without subtitles.”

He said “I’m learning German

“Because I hate punctuation.”

Zhe said “I’m learning Gaelic

“Cause I’m a man who wants to experience menstruation.”

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