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The Thief’s Downfall

I scouted out the diamond vault.

I broke in late at night.

I yoga’ed through the laser beams

And set the door alight.

I grabbed the bag of jewels

As the distant sirens screamed,

But as I made my exit

I forgot something, it seemed…

My velvet gloves were black as jet,

My goggles oversized.

My bicycle-powered plane was fast

But soon I realized

I’d left my top hat in the vault

As through the clouds I sailed.

Yes, I got away scot free

But, in my heart, I’d failed.

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The Art Of Heisting

I saw a priceless piece of art

Hanging on your wall.

I dug a slit beneath it

Into which it could fall.

I shook the house forcefully

With a wrecking ball,

And now to find the painting,

Through rubble I must crawl.
It seemed a good idea

For thieving at the time.

Your house was so unguarded

And perfect for a crime,

And the painting was so beautiful

It’d sell for quite a dime.

Alas, my plan was vetted

By an unreliable mime.
So because of my planner’s silence

I made a lot if noise

With the pretense of stealing

Your super pretty toys.

I hope I’ll find a better partner

Among the orange-jumpsuited boys.

Ah, the art of heisting

And all its simple joys.

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One Day Late

His hands sweated inside his gloves
As the final tumbler fell into place.
He extracted the box and ran,
Relief flooding across his washed out face.

He made it to the getaway,
The rainbow that would take him away from harms,
And he pictured the pot of gold
He’d get for stealing the lucky charms.

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