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Nurture Your Nature

We build our lives to last

When no life ever will,

Polishing details

That only we can see.

We want to climb the ladder,

Be the king of every hill

While most things in the world

Will exist below the sea.

We bend and bleed and labor,

Flap our wings but seldom fly.

We might overcome our nature

But that is not my wish.

We could be a flying whale

But I have to wonder why

We would be unhappy whales

Instead of very happy fish.


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The Rich Man Thinketh

I’ve developed a nasty growth,

A blighting blob of bloat

Called a sense of self-importance.

I have a strong desire to gloat.

Considering my presence

On this great orb on which we float

I realize how unhealthy this is,

Yet I’ll still buy that fur coat.

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