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My Angsty Years

Somewhere around fifth grade

I asked myself why

I should work to make money

‘Til I get sick and die.

So I sought counter-culture,

Tried to listen to rap

But found “counter-culture”

Espoused the same crap.

Fight club was edgy

But I don’t like fighting.

MGTOW was compelling

But I’m fond of white-knighting.

So here I was, trapped

Between primness and zeal

Before I found out

That’s what most people feel.

The thug life chose me

But because I abhor it

I friend-zoned the thug life

And we’re both better for it.

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Inside The Box

Trent had spiky auburn hair
Which was never out of place.
Wendell’s hair was a dangly mess
That covered up his face.

Both applied at Microsoft,
But neither got the job.
They lost it to a hairless guy
Whose name, they thought, was Bob.

So both the men, despairing,
Did shave their separate locks,
For to get employment
They needed to think inside the box.

Trent and Wendell reapplied
And once again they were denied,
For most folks care what’s in your head,
Not on it. Or so to believe I’m led.

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Born This Way

You’ve probably seen a zebra,
That pretty, stripy horse,
And you probably know a pinto
And a black stallion of course.

And lots of horses have little marks
That make them look real rad,
But no one loves me, for I’m a horse
Who was born in neon plaid.

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