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I’m Neither Micro Nor Soft… If You Know What I Mean

I once saw a lass dressed in lace

Who had the most beautiful face.

I said “please don’t hate

“But my name’s Windows 8.”

Then I asked “Can I crash at your place?”

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Inside The Box

Trent had spiky auburn hair
Which was never out of place.
Wendell’s hair was a dangly mess
That covered up his face.

Both applied at Microsoft,
But neither got the job.
They lost it to a hairless guy
Whose name, they thought, was Bob.

So both the men, despairing,
Did shave their separate locks,
For to get employment
They needed to think inside the box.

Trent and Wendell reapplied
And once again they were denied,
For most folks care what’s in your head,
Not on it. Or so to believe I’m led.

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