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Hoof You Been Talkin’ To?

I saw horses running

With humans on their backs.

I said, “Now there’s an animal

“We’ve not made into snacks.

“They’re gorgeous and majestic

“And possess a lightning speed,”

But the one kid eating glue

Silently disagreed.

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Apocalypse? Not Now!

Apocalypse’s horsemen

Were riding home one night

When the BMW of depression

Passed them on the right.

“I think we’re now outdated,”

Said Famine to his peers

So they let the horses loose

And went out to get some beers.

The horses ran to far off lands

Where they could eternally play,

And some lucky Harley-Davidson salesman

Got four new customers today.

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The Newest Gender Identity

Under the apple tree

You are you, I am me.

We can hug and kiss all day

And never hear the others say

“Why are you kissing that horse?”

They don’t understand of course

But under the apple tree… well, there

No one ever seems to care.

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Horse Shoes

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

The horse passes by.

Clip-clop, clip-clop.

It has no shoes, but why?

Flip-flop, flip-flop.

Problem solved.

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Nailed It!

If you miss a manicure

You may mot feel remorse.

But then, just you imagine

You were riding on a horse.

You granbed the reins and kicked your heels,

But the horse, it gave a buck

‘Cause it knew your nails were bland.

Yeah, that would kinda suck.

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Born This Way

You’ve probably seen a zebra,
That pretty, stripy horse,
And you probably know a pinto
And a black stallion of course.

And lots of horses have little marks
That make them look real rad,
But no one loves me, for I’m a horse
Who was born in neon plaid.

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