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Nautical Issues

“I don’t know how to say this…”

Jason said to Captain Tull,

“But the otorhinolaryngologist

“Spilled Worcestershire sauce in the forecastle.”

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The Perfunctory New Years Poem

I’m flummoxed to fathom

The bourgeois congregation

That congeals in Times Square

For the New Year’s celebration

While I would reconnoiter

To avoid such a populous crew.

If you’re a sympathetic introvert

You likely share my view.

Whilst others massed in public

I hibernated at chez moi.

It was an evening of simplicity

And I needn’t venture fa’.

And as I awoke this morning

A eureka I did hear.

Hence I’ve vowed to simplify

My vocabulary this year.


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Or I Could Be A Colonel

I don’t want to be a gastroenterologist.

As a career I vehemently denounce it,

But should fate make me a gastroenterologist

I guess at least I’d learn how to pronounce it.

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