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In the wilds of Gobbledegook

Are paths too many overlook.

One path most people think is lost

Leads to a world exempt of cost,

Where man and nature have no laws,

Where an effect may have no cause,

Where you may hear a singsong tune

That smells like sunset on the moon.

The goblins that live in this land

Live lives most thoroughly unplanned,

Not to be shared with people doomed

To travel on a path more groomed.

If you are one who seeks to find

The secrets of the unthought mind,

To seek safety via dangers

Know this: Goblins welcome strangers.

All you need to live for free

Is to stare at what you can’t see.

The best place to start to not look?

Try the wilds of Gobbledegook.

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All My Friends Disserted Me (The Modern Woe Of PhDs)

If you want to seem intelligent

Valediction of erudition

Is phermonically aleviated

By trepidation vis a cognition.

In the circumstance of dereliction

Of your vocabulative varelse

You may query my acquaintance

Or acquaint with someone else.


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Question Everything

Grassy field,

Snowy chicken,

Sandy bug spray,

Yep to the tooth helpers.

Greedy locks mispelled rent 

As goose.

This poem still makes more sense

Than the “share on twitter” link

On porn websites.

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Long Story Short

Great things happen

To those who find

That every door

Has something behind

Its wooden walls

(Except those doors

Who’re made from refined

And processed ores)

That can be had

By those eho are snappin’

Their fingers with joy

At the great things that happen

To those door-finders

We’ve spoken about.

How’s that for a sentence?

Travesty, out.

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Means nothing to you
But it means a lot to me.

It means that my mind
Was so full of ycjfrdnkigfgi
That I found it hard to write poetry.

So if your not inspired
Take my example
And turn “nothing” into anything at all.

You choose the meaning
Of the nonsense you see,
Which I think is pretty darn tlpwgueall.

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