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You Expected A Rhyme? I Expected A Nurturing Home Environment. Ha!

If you’re the type of person

Who’d name their child “Splorch”

I want to meet you

Because my name is Splorch

And my parents left me

When I was young

And you’re probably them.

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All My Friends Disserted Me (The Modern Woe Of PhDs)

If you want to seem intelligent

Valediction of erudition

Is phermonically aleviated

By trepidation vis a cognition.

In the circumstance of dereliction

Of your vocabulative varelse

You may query my acquaintance

Or acquaint with someone else.


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The Plastic Skeleton’s Other 11 Months

I am a man without skin.

There’s nothing to keep my guts in.

And yet somehow I lived on,

Quite at home on somebody’s lawn.

Then one day the world went black.

They put me in the basement and didn’t look back.

Now my place on the grass has a penguin instead.

There’s some deer on the roof and a weirdly-shaped sled.

But I know when the snow is gone,

When leaves fall on the golden lawn

I’ll be back to rule the night.

Until then, I’ll be alright.

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