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Being An “Us” With No “Them”

When was the last time a stranger

Whispered something in your ear,

Whether something that was naughty

Or perhaps a secret fear,

Saying something so important

That they risked becoming near

To share with you a datum

Only you were fit to hear?

If you’ve never given quiet

I think you ought to try it.

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I wanted to let you know

I wrote this poem on the toilet.

I thought it best to keep it brief

In case that secret did spoil it.

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When You Gotta, But Ya Can’t

I want to address a problem

That so many men have known

But none will speak about it

Face-to-face or even by phone.

It’s the crushing fear we feel

When we’re getting prepped to pee

And someone steps beside us

And starts to take a wee.

In that dreadful moment

Within our bursting loins

The drying force of the Sahara

Erupts amidst our groins.

Whilst mere seconds beforehand

We felt the need to burst

Now we speak gently to ourselves

And pray to avoid the worst.

Dividers help avoid this plague.

Stalls are always best.

As long as bathrooms are in the news

Please heed my implied request!

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