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How Important Is The Vaccine?


Is the percent of Americans infected during this pandemic.


Is evidence corruption is systemic.

If a million people gathered in a single room

And .00000005 percent got sick as hell

Then of the million gathered there would tell you

One twentieth of one of them might feel a bit unwell.


Is a number sixteen syllables long.

And yet it shut down the world for a year

And you ask me what I think is wrong?


Population Clock –


New York Times –


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The News Be Like…

It is a fact from an incited source

That 30 percent of collisions

Are the result of someone driving drunk;

In other words, poor decisions.

That means that 70 percent

Of sober drivers crash.

Driving without drinking

Is, according to statistic, rash.

That fact, if analyzed in depth

Means that driving sober will

Increase your chances by 133%

That, by driving, you will kill.

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