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Love Song, Circa 5th Grade

Love is like anything;

It makes you feel stuff

And when you experience it

You might just go “whuff.”

It’s sort of like “Whoa now”

And also like “Whee”

And that is what true love

Feels like to me.

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Book Reports

Quite a number of years ago

There lived a certain so-and-so

Who often times did… well, you know…

And it turned out like you’d think.

Another someone did react

And that, I can say, is a fact.

Some things were had and some were lacked

And some of those things were pink.

Then stuff went down all over town

And what was pink soon turned to brown

And Jack fell down and broke his crown

And someone felt remorse!

Then the tale wrapped up in the knick of time

And what was pink, then brown, turned into lime

And all in all it was sublime.

What? Of course I read the book!

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‘Cause Like Wow And Stuff

You know that thing

Where everything’s

Like dude and stuff’s like whoa?

Well today was that

But like yo and stuff.

How did your day go?

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“It happened.”


“What a thing!”

“I know.”

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…or something

This poem: you might find

Reading it is kinda tough

Because it touches on

Things like vaguery and stuff.

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Attack of the Vague

Remember that time
That there was that thing
That did all the stuff
And then it went ding?

Well I think it came back,
Though for sure I don’t know,
But if it wasn’t that vague thing
Then where’d my mind go?

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