Why Cops Love Summer

The twinkling stream

In sea-foam green

Was strolling o’er the rocks

And on the sand

A merry band

Were clothed in naught but socks.

They danced about,

Let it all hang out,

Just happy to be young,

Especially he,

Who’s six-foot-three

And very amply-hung.

Their harmless fun

Had hurt no one

But the cops lacked any pity:

“This here stream,

“Rural as it may seem,

“Is legally still the city.”

The cops gave out

With an air of clout

Citations to the nudists.

They seemed unstressed

As they got dressed

As if they all were buddhists.

Now clothed, the band

Heeded police demand.

It’s true! I checked on Snopes.

Unclothed, unarmed

They went home unharmed,

So black folks: there’s still hope!


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4 responses to “Why Cops Love Summer

  1. So I was enjoying this poem until the last line and now I’m wondering if I missed something o.O

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    • Basically I wrote myself into a corner.

      I needed a punchline (whether for comedic effect or to satisfy my ego we’ll never know), and I could think of three options:

      1: It was all a dream (rhymes with “Twinkling Stream,” but invalidates the rest of the story)

      2: Make a cheap nudity joke (tempting, but in poor taste)

      3: Cash in on the current American political climate wherein the police are assumed by many to be racist for shooting unarmed black teenagers.

      Two options are banal, one is bad, offensive, racially insensitive, and in extremely poor taste…

      This narrowed down my options considerably 🙂

      In short, this is a poem about happy, innocent people written in a tasteless fashion, with an added Public Service Announcement that being that being naked in broad daylight is a good way to prove you aren’t a threat to anyone.

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