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Why Cops Love Summer

The twinkling stream

In sea-foam green

Was strolling o’er the rocks

And on the sand

A merry band

Were clothed in naught but socks.

They danced about,

Let it all hang out,

Just happy to be young,

Especially he,

Who’s six-foot-three

And very amply-hung.

Their harmless fun

Had hurt no one

But the cops lacked any pity:

“This here stream,

“Rural as it may seem,

“Is legally still the city.”

The cops gave out

With an air of clout

Citations to the nudists.

They seemed unstressed

As they got dressed

As if they all were buddhists.

Now clothed, the band

Heeded police demand.

It’s true! I checked on Snopes.

Unclothed, unarmed

They went home unharmed,

So black folks: there’s still hope!


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Pockets of Society

In her pockets
Are red lipstick,
A makeup mirror,
And a guitar pick.

She’s got a swiss army knife,
A wilted daisy petal,
And an mp3 player
Full of heavy metal.

My pockets used to hold
Similar stuff
‘Til I gave up on pants.
Now I live in the buff.

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