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Risk vs. Reward?

If you met a murderous clown

When you’re out for a night on the town

And they bought you a drink

What do you think?

Should you take it or turn Snuggles down?


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Career Advice

If you were born with giant feet

And a spherical scarlet nose

And super pale powdery skin

And carrying a plastic rose

I think you should become a clown

And make a living so

‘Cause if you don’t then people

Might think you’re creepy, just so you know.

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My Quirks Are Adorable

I wear a pair of rubber gloves

When I do the dishes.

I wear a napkin on my lap

When I’m eating fishes.

I wear a suit with leather shoes

When I’m feeling dapper,

So why can’t I dress like a clown

When I’m on the crapper?

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