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The Elf In Boots Of Azure Suede

For Halloween I dressed like Legolas

From the franchise about the ring,

But as I walked about the town

People kept asking me to sing.

At first I didn’t understand

This request, but I caught on later…

People figured I could sing

Since I’m an Elvish Impersonator.

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Not Gone

Somewhere in Denmark
Resides a cave
Where those thought to be dead
Live out their lives,

Where Elvis and dinosaurs
Frolic and play
With Erik the Red
And all of his wives.

But most of the caves
Is filled with Red Shirts
And half of the cast
Of “Game of Thrones,”

Along with unknown soldiers,
Shakespearean folk,
And all of the Jedi
Killed by the clones.

The cave’s getting crowded,
So Danes be aware
Of the incoming march
Of the shower-drain hair.

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