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Season 8

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I put as much effort into this poem

As the Game of Thrones writers would’ve.

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George R.R. Martin Haikus

Tiny perfect love

Harmless as the falling snow…

Let’s murder it! Lol


If your life is bland

Even though you’re rich and stuff

Why not try incest?


I like stories where

Characters have twelve names each.

Maybe that’s just me…

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A Commoner Poem

If I were cast in Game of Thrones

I think I’d be a peasant

‘Cause I’m a lousy actor

And my death would be more pleasant.

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All Lives But One

The folks who say #AllLivesMatter

Are undisputedly wrong,

And apparently have not met

Joffrey Baratheon.


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Winter is Coming

Oh you’d better watch out.

You probably will die.

You slept with your sister,

Not gonna lie.

Game of Thrones is coming to town.

You’ve finished the season

And now you must wait.

Don’t lose your head…

Oops, too late.

Game of Thrones is coming to town.

The characters are creepy.

The show keeps you awake.

They’ll kill off eveyone you like,

So like Joffrey for all our sakes.

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Feel-Good Movies

I want to see a movie

Unlike the Wizard of Oz

Where some guy from a magic world

Turns into a lost cause.

He’s trapped in a tornado

And carried to a place

Where the world is all in black and white

And munchkins hate his face.

He travels many miles

Down an unremarkable trail

To a city where a beurocrat

Says his journey’s doomed to fail.

It would be a dismal movie,

That makes you want to drink some Mace.

That said, I’m sick of “Game of Thrones”

And this could take its place.

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Frodo was a wizard

In a blue police box.

He keeps watch over Gotham

And wears “Game of Thrones” socks.

His nemesis was Gary Oak.

He aimed to misbehave.

If you understand this poem

Give a fellow fan a wave.

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Not Gone

Somewhere in Denmark
Resides a cave
Where those thought to be dead
Live out their lives,

Where Elvis and dinosaurs
Frolic and play
With Erik the Red
And all of his wives.

But most of the caves
Is filled with Red Shirts
And half of the cast
Of “Game of Thrones,”

Along with unknown soldiers,
Shakespearean folk,
And all of the Jedi
Killed by the clones.

The cave’s getting crowded,
So Danes be aware
Of the incoming march
Of the shower-drain hair.

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