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I’m Not One Of The Sheep… I’m Just The Pasture

You know those tests they give you

That tell your dream career?

There’s been an innovation

In those tests, or so I hear.

They’ve found 80 percent or more

Of testers’ perfect jobs

Are members of unthinking

And mostly peaceful violent mobs.

I didn’t think about it much

When first I heard the news,

But when I took the test myself

I had to change my views.

I scored, not as a rioter,

But a guy who owns a store

That sells lightweight TVs and food

In downtown Baltimore.

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Working for Myself

I had a lunch hour at my old job,

But that just wasn’t enough.

I need some time in the middle of the day

To just relax and stuff.

I told my boss about my plight.

Now I take two hours instead

To eat my meal and check my mail

And generally clear my head.

Still, my malaise remained in place,

Even when I took

My two 15-minute breaks

Before and after my lunch nook.

Now my lunch is 16 hours

And I’m darn pleased to heck.

Self employment’s really something,

But I wish they’d send my check.

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Prophecy, Inc.

Sometime after the time of stress

When the world seems like a mess

An average person will appear

To speak of things the world will hear.

He or she will sound to some

Quite well informed; to others, dumb.

Thus are the words of Earth and Sky.

That’ll be $50. Thanks, buh-bye.

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Big Reggie’s Last Stand

I’ve finished the sweeping,
The mopping, the shining,
For those who arrive
For our casual dining.

I’ve whipped up the chicken,
The fruits and the veggies,
Prepared to serve unto
The clientele of “Big Reggie’s.”

I’ve washed all the napkins,
Plates, forks, and knives
For those who, by eating,
Will lengthen their lives.

I’ve waited all day
Since the first whiff of dawn,
Yet no one will eat
At the box on my lawn.

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