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Love and War

Whenever Italy gets attacked

Someone must fell Rome,

Someone conquers Cicily,

Burns a Venetian home…

Yes, in an Italian conquest

These sackings are the staples

But a satisfying extra

Is somebody licked their Naples.

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My Vegan Arsenal Begins

I went to the dollar store

To buy a concealable weapon.

Something with menace

From a gangster from Venice,

But a gun or knife I didn’t want to be schleppin’.

So discount Dominic

Sold me a satisfactory piece:

It weighs but an ounce

And helps when I pounce.

Ever seen some grass knuckles like these?

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The Italian Disagrees With Your Solid/Liquid Dichotomy of Glass Consumption

You a say a that a eating glass

Is a bad a for a you

And that a if you eat a glass

You’ll a have an uncomfortable poo,

Yet a here you go a giving me

A water you hole a da ass

Cause you give a me the water

And it’s a in a drinking glass.

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