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Still Better Than Veganism

Were I a can of cheese

Sitting softly on the shelf

I would live a peaceful life,

Like a stereotypical fantasy elf.

I would not fear to be consumed,

Nor to expire or lose my hair.

I would be orange and insubstantial,

Pressured only by compressed air.

And then one fateful afternoon

Should someone spread me out

And eat me, I can surely say

I’ll probably make them pout.

Yes, the life of cheese-in-a-can

Is an underrated goal:

Such is my conclusion.

I hope you found this droll.


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Beans and Dilemnas

Refried or jelly?

Happy taste buds or belly?

Eat what I want or what I should?

Why must shit food taste so good?

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Candy Mountain

There’s a monster hiding

In a mountain of sugar and fat.

It calls to me.

I cannot flee,

But I’m okay with that.

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