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When You Spend Mauritanian Money To Play A Gregorian Cadence On A Welsh Instrument (And No One Will Play Board Games With You Anymore)

I spent lots of oguiya

To buy a crwths

So I could perform a euouae.

If you think this is nonsense

But I know better…

I’ve read the Scrabble dictionary. Hooray!

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Thus, Words With Friends

I figured I could dabble

In championship Scrabble.

Then he played “Krypterqu”

For 502.

Now I just play with the rabble.

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He Had Seven Vowels And No Courage

I played scrabble

With my chihuahua.

I played “encumbrance”

Then took a shower,

Hiked twenty miles,

Went to work, went to bed,

Then came back to find

My chihuahua had fled.

It hadn’t played letters,

And my face grew a grin.

I may’ve lost my dog

But still an overall win.

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I play “Blue”

For 22.

You play “defenistrate”

For 108.

I play “equine”

For 59.

You play “Chrysanthemum”

For 201.

I play “admittance”

For a pittance.

You play “kalamazoo.”

Why do I still play with you?

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