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Not The Solution We Need, But The Solution We Deserve…

Thousands of New Yorkers

Are dying every day,

Yet no one has the courage

To step on up and say

“Send every smart-mouthed teenager

“Some radioactive Purell.”

We could have superheroes by now

But the government says “Oh well…”

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Aquaman’s Luck


Said she was Wonder Woman,

But she was the Hulk.

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A Hero for All

“Save us! Save us!”
The commoners cry,
But who can save them?
It is I!

I fly in to the rescue
Whatever the hour.
I’m Powerhouse William,
But you can call me Will Power.

I give you the strength
To deny temptation,
But my power is subject
To a few limitations.

I do not work evenings
Or when chocolate is involved.
Other than that, just call me
And your problem is solved.

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You go out to the movies

To watch a giant screen,

Hoping to be entertained

By J-Lo or Charlie Sheen.


But what’s hot at the movies

Are Superheroes.  I must say

That I believe in real life.

We’re all heroes in our way.


According to the latest films

Batman was a wealthy man

Who was horribly afraid of bats.

By that logic, I’m Spiderman.


Superman came from the sky

And had a funny name (Kal-El).

So pilots named Shaniqua

Are super instead of lame (Well, well).


And when I started this poem

It seemed easier than it is.

So I’m leaving, to fix my wrinkly shirt,

‘Cause at the iron, man, I’m a whizz!


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