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I Want A Woman Who Respects Anatomical Vocabulary Decisions

I have a stomach summit,

An abdominal alley,

A gut gulch, a paunch pouch,

A beneath-the-vest valley,

A digester dugout,

A taut torso trench,

But she said “Belly-Button”

So I dumped the wench.

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What’s A Synonym For Thesaurus?

Within the next 26.07 fortnights

My predominant aspiration

Is to perpetuate the convention

Of heightened lexicon inflation.

Be not perturbed if reading this

Is an arduous endeavor:

Aspirations are ephemeral whilst

Prose-prevarication is forever.


Next year my goal

Is to learn new words

But I’m also lazy

And learning’s for the birds.


Me like words with lotsa letter

But me like to sleep-in better.

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Just An Older, Superterranean Type Of Lady

It seems every woman I meet

Is a gold digger of sorts,

Or else too young to engage

As romantically-inclined cohorts.

I’m not the sort of man who’s oft

Accused or called a whiner

But for once I want to meet a gal

Who’s not a miner or a minor.

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