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Yes, The Rhyme Is Valid… No, 9:00 and 9 Aren’t The Same

Today I slept in until 9:00

And felt amazingly fine.

Tomorrow, alas,

All good things must pass

For I must wake at 8:59

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Confessions of… Someone Who Isn’t Me *wink*

It seems when I awake

With the rooster’s joyful call

Then I approach the day

Knowing I can conquer all

But when I awake

With the sound of my own snoring

I can leave the conquering to you.

I like my life more boring.

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Jesus, Night Owl

On the morning of the third day

Since Jesus died for our sins

He said “I waiteth to push the boulder

“Until the afternoon begins.”

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Why Nothing Changes

Why is my bed so warm
And the world so cold?
When my dreams are so young,
How does life get so old?

Why do we hide from the rain,
When the sun does the burning?
Is it money or love
That keeps the world turning?

I realize now
That this poem repeats
Yesterday’s theme
Only with different beats,

And maybe I’d change it,
But I don’t see the harm
When the world is so cold
And my bed is so warm.

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The Best Part of Waking Up

I never drink Folgers,

And I’ll let you know why.

That slogan they say

Is a big stinkin’ lie!


No matter what model

They hire to promote

Their instant coffee,

The chance is remote…


That they’ll realize

The secret we keep:

The best part of waking up

Is going back to sleep!

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