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He Later Worked For The VA

Sitting in the waiting room,

A boy of almost eight,

Who’s never missed a chance to floss,

Nor abided sugar on his plate.

The scream of dental instruments

(And of those on which they’re used)

Leave me with a sense of peace,

Sedate and much amused.

I wore a three-piece suit to school

The morning ‘fore I came.

I was born to be a dentist

Though the others call me lame.

Yet I fear I shall not meet my dream,

Not for lack of smarts or drive

But because I am indifferent

To whether patients stay alive…

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Prudent Historical Decisions

There’s a reason there aren’t dentists

On that South Dakota mountain

‘Cause then they’d have to  call it “Mount Brushmore.”

For taste there’s no accountin’.

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A Toothache, A Pun, A Confession

Might a very good dentist

Be given a plaque

And to avoid getting fired

Have to give it back?

This evening I find

My mind is so blank

That’s my most poignant thought.

For your patience I thank.

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