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Heaven Is Real

This world of ours has beauty

Hidden where you’d least expect.

There’s a chance for redemption

In every life that ends up wrecked.

In every gray face on the corner,

In every drop the clouds can cry,

There’s a way for you to heal

If you only choose to try.

So when the sun stops shining

Take comfort in the shade.

The beauty in the pink of dawn

Is equal to when day fades.

Eagles think they’re falling

When they first learn how to fly.

Love is all around us,

Not just in some beholders eye.

The world has many faces.

Close your eyes, the faces stay.

Whatever you think of the world

It doesn’t change its way.

Regardless of what you may believe

The truth is always true.

If you don’t believe in Heaven,

Heaven still believes in you.


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Listen Too

To the wind and the rain,
The cars and the train,
And the yappy dog next door.
Listen to crickets,
The birds in the thickets,
A perfect stranger’s snore.

Listen to the vegetables,
The modern stories and ancient fables,
And listen to a tiny baby’s coo.
Then hear those voices in your mind
That say “You ought…” And “You’re falling behind.”
There are better things than these to listen to.

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