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What Degree of Bachelor?

I was sitting by myself

When, as if from out of thin air,

A nymph straight from my fantasies

Asked “Is anyone sitting there?”

I smiled as well as a man can smile

When faced with an 11/10

And said “It’s free.” She said “Lovely!”

Then gave it to her friend.

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Self-Discovery, The Very-Old Fashioned Way

If I were a trilobite

I’d be very lonely.

I’d go on trilodate.com

But I’d find myself only.

I’d be alone through every night

And have very little fun.

But I realize I don’t know what I trilobite is

And also that I just might be one. 

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Don’t We All

They say I’ve a nose like a bloodhound,

Eyes of an eagle, ears of an elf.

That’s a polite way for people to say

I suck at hide-and-seek when I play by myself.

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