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Hot and Cold

I watched her eat the popsicle

With long and sultry licks.

Her eyes met mine and so she threw

A nibble in the mix.

She slid it in and out again

‘Til it got soft and warm

And then she killed its family

And I left the women’s dorm.

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If It Were Anyone Else…

I woke up to a naked woman

Playfully hitting me with foam

Which makes me think tomorrow

Grandma’s going to a home.

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What Gets You Going

Look at me,

Your darling man,

And tell me what you see.

Are bulging arms

And washboard abs

All there is to me?

Is my gleaming hair

In the setting sun

What makes your heart seek mine?

Is it how I flee

When your husband gets home

At 8:00 instead of 9:00?


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Energizer Bunnies

You ever seen one of those

Human-sized dolls

For guys who want lovin’

But don’t have the balls?

I really hope they’re electric.

That’s what I’ve concluded,

‘Cause what other double-D’s

Are “batteries not included?”

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Good Problems

One walks along the city streets,
Just trying to get some air,
Yet one can’t help but notice
All the girls who stop and stare.

One experiences this often.
If somewhere one does go
One’s glamor, wit, and glowing health
Make one a living show.

One wishes one could take a break
From being the perfect man,
So I guess I’m pretty lucky
That I’m not one, and I can.

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Hit the Road

Her eyes were like headlights
Aglow in the rain.
Her lips were white lines
Guiding me into her lane.
Her body was the horizon
Towards which I would steer,
And her words said to me
“There’s no speed limit here.”

I pulled up beside her
And hoped I looked good,
Intending, I confess,
To get under her hood.
I subtly honked
As I pulled up beside her.
“What’s your name, darling?”
Then someone walked up beside her.

“She is Alexis,”
The newcomer smiled
In that very free way
That was driving me wild.
“And I’m her twin sister,
And my name is Portia.
We’d like to leave town,
But we don’t want to force ya’.”

And so we departed
From that little town,
Just me and two ladies
With the windows rolled down.
Some days you blow out,
Things don’t go like they should.
Other days, like today,
Life’s pretty darn good.

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If Only

Echoes of midnight
Alight in your eyes
As you lie in my bed,
No clothes to disguise

A figure that whispers
A desire to stay,
And I wonder why homeless guys
Always show up this way.

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