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The Sound Of Silence

Imagine for a moment

No one ever spoke again.

You think it would be scary…

Either that or very zen.

The real situation

Is somewhere between the two:

It’s just stomachs imitating

Horny whales saying “Howdy do!”

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The Humpback

If you’re a man trying to hump

A large marine mammal that’s male

If it humps back you may have found

A homosexuwhale.

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True Biology Facts

Blue whales are the biggest beasts

That ever lived on earth

Who weigh more than Drew Carey

At the moment of their birth.

They start out life as sperm whales

Then they go to whale high school

Where they get teased until they’re sad

And thus end up blue. Cool!

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Big Things And Small

I gazed upon a whale

With a look of utter awe.

I was entranced by her tail

And enraptured by her maw.

I showed appreciation

By the way I eyed her,

And I told her I was grateful

That she was not a spider.

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