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The Sound Of Silence

Imagine for a moment

No one ever spoke again.

You think it would be scary…

Either that or very zen.

The real situation

Is somewhere between the two:

It’s just stomachs imitating

Horny whales saying “Howdy do!”

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On The Importance Of Proper Labeling

I hear the sound of fallen snow

Like the moment before applause,

The echo of previous silence,

A silent question’s pause.

My ears softly ring

From what’s no longer there.

And I silently sigh inside myself

And lie back in my chair.

Where once I was an emperor,

A man respected, feared,

For whom the wicked trembled

And for whom the righteous cheered,

Now I sit, a man alone,

Completed in rebirth.

In the silence now I tell myself

“I thought the other button nuked the Earth!”

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Ooh (with a silent H) Burn

Salmon has a silent L.

Nothing has a silent Q.

I wish I were like the word “vague,”

That is, with a silent U.

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