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Take That, Al Gore!

What if the Earth

Is God’s kitchen fridge,

Cold for millions of years

Until, recently,

God opened it up

To get out some divine beers.

The Earth got all warm

From the Heaven outside

Until, once again, the doors close

That or it’s just

What science is saying…

What I’m trying to say is: Who knows?

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NO! All 99 Verses Must Be Sung Or One Cannot Accurately Judge The Amount Of Beer Consumed!

I don’t mind your desire for completeness,

Your accuracy is sublime,

But couldn’t we just sing “et cetera”

And save ourselves trouble and time?

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99 Bottles Later

I used to own a bar
Until the choir came to town.
They’d had an iffy concert
And they had sorrows to drown.

So they said, “How ’bout a beer?”
And from the wall I took one down.
I gave it to a tenor
Who then passed it aroun’.

And so this was repeated
For nearly a hundred bottles
With the choir singing all throughout,
Their dance reduced to tottles.

And then they left. My walls were bare.
My alcohol was gone.
But the thing I’ll never ever forget
Was that god-forsaken song.

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