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I’m reading a book recommended to me

By a woman whom I once adored.

I’m reading, avoiding inviting the world

For the world leaves me feeling ignored.

I make friends with a spider I’m terrified of

Who lives on my white bedroom wall;

I know he deserves life as much as I do

Even though he is creepy and small.

I’m wearing soft clothing, lying and waiting

And writing a poem in bed,

Remembering over and over forever

The words that I felt and I said.

I’m hearing the lawnmower, water through pipes,

The cars on the road passing by

Destined to be somewhere other than here

And I can’t help my wondering why.

Why is the grass not allowed to be growing?

Why must the spider bring fear?

Why do the people drive quickly to elsewhere

When they know they will end up back here?

Why do I care for an author’s opinion?

Why can’t I love people less?

All I can do is get up and keep smiling

And be me: a beautiful mess.


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Hi Debbie!

If you were a prescription drug

I’d call you Trilambdakrip

Because the word is meaningless

Just like our relationship.

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Shakespearean Breakups

The whale, beached as it may be,

Still dreams of life upon the sea,

So ask not whence your velvet coat

And why ’twas pawned to buy a boat.

Just read my explanation note;

“Your dream. Sincerely, me.”

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Go There And Do Nothing

Don’t send her a breakup text

Next time your love’s in doubt.

Instead you take her to the gym

To show her how you’re not working out.

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I Met Her Online

Breaking up is hard for me,
Requiring courage and stuff.
It calls the waves of an emotional sea
And the embrace of blanket fluff.

I hate to say it, and I’ve told you why
Breaking up is hard to do.
That’s why I’ve decided not to break it off.
Instead, I’m just going to shoot you.

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