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Or You Mite Be Letting Siri Type Four Ewe

If you prey at a alter

And like you’re time their,

You watch the news and think

That how the world works isnt fare,

Youve misplaced yor resume

But will happily give you the jist

Than you might bee looking four jobs

Via a web sight like Craigslist.

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Craigslist Roommate

It’s cool you cut your own hair,

That you’re into taxidermy,

But maybe do those both outside…

Could you do that for me?
And I know you love your tuba.

It is an amazing instrument,

But playing it at 3:00 AM

Makes me want to raise your rent.
I don’t mind extended family.

In fact, it’s great you are so close,

But eloping with your cousin

In my basement’s kinda gross.
I know I said no pets allowed,

And to that I will hold true,

But unless you leave my presence

I will sic the dogs on you.

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Free Spirit Seeking Eternal Partner – ZfH

Home is where the heart is,
So the saying goes.
It’s a saying that was the cause
Of all my earthly woes.

Then I met some zombies,
And they were pretty slick
‘Cause they made my home
Inside of their stomach.

So I was on vacation
For the first time ever,
Although looking back, my “life”
Wasn’t part of the endeavor.

It took guts to free myself,
And I’d love to share the wealth.
Please tell me your address,
Because undeath’s good for your health.

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