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Dear Internet: Why The Exception?

You can’t mock someone ’cause they’re fat,

Ugly, stupid, stuff like that.

You can’t make jokes about a race

(At least not to somebody’s face).

You can’t gay-bash, slut-shame, or mock

The way one laughs or thinks or talks.

But you can defame or spew hate at

Those with neckbeards or a fedora hat.

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Yes, I’m White. Why Do You Ask?

I played some Chinese checkers

And no one batted an eye.

I enjoyed some Chinese chess

And no one asked me why.

I played some Chinese backgammon

And still they let me enter

But you play Chinese Russian Roulette

And they throw you out of the Chinese cultural center.

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Not For You And Me

Grew up in a place

Wouldn’t know

Where pronouns have no place

Or so said so.

Before call something

Might regret later

Know that shouldn’t

Be a hater.

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