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The Victors

You see the victors on parade,

Their smiles of sweet relief.

You hear their proffered words of thanks

For the ending of their grief.

But what they do not realize

Through their newfound lack of pain

Is that to stay victorious

They’ll have to win again.

They’ll have to reface challenges.

They’ll have to reforge swords,

Reconquer their old demons

And rechallenge hated hoards.

They’ll have to suffer all again

And all this not to grow

But just to stay a victor:

And maintain the status quo.

Yes we conquered those we feared

And silenced those we hate,

But should we take such lavish pride

In merely stalemate?

So watch the victors on parade

But envy them do not!

You would not wish on anyone

The pain the victors brought

Nor would you wisely wish to feel

Their pride in wielding well

The arms and armor of the war

That merged the Earth and Hell.

One day we’ll see no victory,

No men will march with pride.

We will erect no monuments

For those who bravely died.

We’ll stand without a trophy

And we’ll not conceal our grins

For all will be the victors

Come the day when no one wins.

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Play To Your Outs

If I played a chess game

With some super-intelligent flies

I think I’d probably win

On account of superior size.

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Red Badge Of Courage

A handsome soldier,

His mighty steed,

Heroic in both

Word and deed

Ride into glorious


A medal awarded

There was to be.

Amongst his peers’

Great aplomb

The soldier came to

Have the medal pinned on.

Alas the officer

In command

Did not possess

A steady hand.

And so the pin

Met the soldier’s lapel

But, alas, pierced soldier’s

Flesh as well.

So for the bloodshed

In which he took part

The soldier was also given

The Purple Heart.

The soldier survived

This test of mettle,

Awarded a medal

For earning a medal.

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The Big Winner

I won! I won! I actually won!

I won the lottery!

In the next few days, a ten-dollar check

Will be mailed straight to me!


You’ve no idea how much joy

Through which my heart has went.

That ticket was the best twenty bucks

I think I’ve ever spent.


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A cloud of partially frozen testosterone wafts across the ice,

A mist of legends past and present.

The fans sit, digesting grease and salt on uncomfortable seats.

The timer starts, the buzzer rings, the announcer screams,

And the teams emerge from the limbo beyond civilian comprehension.

The goalies go to their nets,

The captains to the center,

And they sing the anthems of allied nations,

Friends amidst the competition.

Then the rink explodes!

A flurry of sticks, pucks, and teeth without homes.

Lights flash, buzzers ring, plastic shatters and jerseys tear.

This repeats three times,

And the losers exit loudly.

But the winners stay.

They stay, and whether it’s their first or last time

They experience that fleeting joy

That lasts forever.

The joy of victory.

The joy of hockey.

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