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A Treatise On Cooperation With Government… Sort Of

Two children sit and watch a thing

That’s orange and round and fun.

One says “it’s warm and so it must

“Be a piece of fallen sun.”

One says “I can slam dunk it

“So it’s a basketball.”

Another says “it’s a tangerine!

“Do you know nothing at all?”

And I, with silent others, watch

Them call a pizza many names.

Some kids voted between them

When the appropriate moment came,

Yet I, when shown a pizza

And was asked “robot or duck?”

Didn’t vote for either answer

Because dishonest answers suck.

As the other children compromised

And said “Fine! It’s a goat!”

I ate and shared the pizza

With the others who didn’t vote.

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A Poem For Those Of Us Who Can’t Fit The Big Picture In Our Tiny Apartments

Every three seconds

An orphan is made,

A war is begun,

Someone doesn’t get laid,

Someone dies of starvation,

A champion strikes out,

Yet whether or not I want pizza’s

All I’m thinking about.

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Special Delivery

I’ve watched a lot of “movies”

That aren’t on IMDB.

They made delivering pizzas

Look like a pretty good job to me.

And indeed, I did get special requests

From my female clientele,

But mostly they’re “draw a pic on the box.”

That or “go to Hell.”

I tried to target neighborhoods

Where people cannot pay,

But mostly they’d just write a check

And send me on my way.

So I quit my job as a pizza guy

For I had been mislead.

Now I spend my afternoons

Cleaning swimming pools instead.

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