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Double-O One Through Six

There was a fantabulous spy

Who was put in a death trap to die.

His life then did cease

And the world knew no peace.

If you’ve never heard of him, that’s why.

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[Title Redacted]

There once was a poet-slash-spy

Who was quite the mysterious guy.

He’d write the last thing he’d think

In invisible ink


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This Wasn’t Covered In The Dossier…

I wonder if spies

Get to choose their codename…

I mean, “Stallion” is great

But “Gelding” is lame,

And for every Thunder,

Placebo, and Drake

There’s a Lumbar, a Bubba,

A Plumpy, a Rake.

If anyone who spies

Is reading this… yo!

Give me a shout out

‘Cause I wanna know.

It’s very important

For my future end.

Thanks for your help!

(P.S Writing for a friend)


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They Did 9-11, I Promise

You don’t often hear stories

About giant sea cucumbers

Who dabble in intrigue

And paint by numbers.

You don’t hear the stories

Of the cukes of the night,

But they’re real. One day

You’ll see that I’m right…

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