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Two Keys To A Happy Mind

When you think about anything

It becomes weird,

Like why can’t tigers

Grow a beard,

Why would someone join

An introverts group,

And who first thought

“He’s a nincompoop?”

And eventually you will find

The answers are one of these

“Probably reasons I don’t get”

Or “Screw it! More chocolate please.”

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This Wasn’t Covered In The Dossier…

I wonder if spies

Get to choose their codename…

I mean, “Stallion” is great

But “Gelding” is lame,

And for every Thunder,

Placebo, and Drake

There’s a Lumbar, a Bubba,

A Plumpy, a Rake.

If anyone who spies

Is reading this… yo!

Give me a shout out

‘Cause I wanna know.

It’s very important

For my future end.

Thanks for your help!

(P.S Writing for a friend)


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Um, no reason. Just curious…

Do animals who reproduce


Get turned on by the absence

Of phallic imagery?

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Why Don’t Plants Move?

I used to know

Why plants didn’t move.

About it I used to sing,

But now I’m confused

Because chlorophyll

And chloroform aren’t the same thing.

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