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Thanks “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”

If you ever write a story

And don’t know what’s going on

Just say that there were aliens

And your plot holes will be gone!

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Concrete Washington: Folk Hero (Or Just Denzel’s Brother)

Indiana Jones was a big success

(Until 2008).

You have to wonder if similar names

Would enjoy a similar fate

Like Alaska Round, detective

Or Iowa Guysummoney?

Idaho Youhadhertoo?

Would people find these funny?

Kansas state thing be abused

Or must we resort to towns

Like Helena -West Helena Johnson

Or, better yet, Cleveland Brown?

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Fortune and Glory

I wish I had a job

Like Indiana Jones

Where I could make good money

Examining human bones.

But Dr. Jones’s job

Is great in other ways

Like the fact he has no limit

To his paid vacation days.

I’m not an archaeologist

But a poet and musician,

And as I write I realize

I am in a position

To take endless vacation days

Like Dr. Jones would do.

“Travis T. and the Crystal Skull”

Coming soon to theatres near you.

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