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This Is Infinitely Better Than Whatever Poem I Come Up With Today


Do it 🙂

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Concrete Washington: Folk Hero (Or Just Denzel’s Brother)

Indiana Jones was a big success

(Until 2008).

You have to wonder if similar names

Would enjoy a similar fate

Like Alaska Round, detective

Or Iowa Guysummoney?

Idaho Youhadhertoo?

Would people find these funny?

Kansas state thing be abused

Or must we resort to towns

Like Helena -West Helena Johnson

Or, better yet, Cleveland Brown?

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What’s Ablution Anyway?

So I had writer’s block again.

To Google I was bound.

I searched for poetry topics

And here is what I found:

“Abandoned, ablution, acrostic, adultery, affliction, Africa, aggravation, aggression.”

I don’t have a meaningful poem today

But that isn’t terribly bad.

I could have written about aggressive adulterous ablution

But would you be happier if I had?

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Lacking Results From My C/T Scan (In A Sense)

I have a confession:

I can’t spell dietician.

Autocorrect is not helpful

And abuses its position.

If it has a “c” or “t”

For the ician/itian portion

Forces all my logic

To perform quite the contortion.

I was going to write a poem

Full of whimsy, fun, and laughter

But I lacked aforementioned spellings

That I’d long-since afore-sought after.

Thus you get this poem

Lacking good diet advice.

On the bright side dumbness inspired me

And I guess that’s pretty nice.

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Just Beakause

I awoke with ruffled feathers
On the wrong side of the nest.
A lonely aching filled my heart
Which strained beneath my chest.

I wanted to fly away from here.
Anywhere would do,
But as I spread my wings I found
My group had become two.

Yes indeed, my morning flight
Was joined by some new bird,
And as soon as I had noticed thus
My flock attained a third.

I road the wind below the pair,
The strangers in my sky,
Trying to escape again,
Perhaps to go and die.

And then the birds gave me a caw
And the sun began to rise,
And that is when this lonely bird
Did come to realize
What a difference can be made
By an extra pair of eyes.


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My quest to write one poem a day
Can really be looked at in this way:
Once per day I really need
One good idea as a seed,

And yet I crank out poems like this,
And some will hit while others miss.
Then I look at Hollywood
And my ideas seem pretty good.

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Raise the Corners

Just because you can
Doesn’t mean you should.
Sometimes a bit of faking it
Will lead to something good.

Take football for instance,
Fourth down and five to go.
Sure, you can punt the ball,
But it makes a lousy show.

Likewise, if with your partner
You’re perfectly free to
Wear those dirty sweatpants, but
Why not show the very best you?

So run the ball and dress the part,
And let the record show
That it’s the corners of your mouth
That show far you can go.

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