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When The Blue Car And The Red Car Are Both Racing Towards The Cliff But You Still Want Your Favorite Color To Win

If we elected a white guy

And he gave cash to everyone white

Most people would agree

That doesn’t seem morally right.

If we elected a black guy

To give cash to everyone black

Society would probably feel

Like their freedom was under attack.

If we elected a woman

Who gave money to everyone female

You can bet she’d receive

Her fair share of nasty email.

And yet we elected some rich guy

Who says “Rich folks aren’t taxed enough yet”

And then all the rich guys get richer

And nobody’s even upset?

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Tonight Both Actually Apply

Sometimes I love writing poems;

Of that there is no doubt.

But sometimes I’m like a single mom on welfare

Just tryin’ to crank another one out.

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Trigger Warning: This Poem Contains Thought Crime

You say I have privilege

Because I’m male and white.

You call me uninformed

Because I don’t think you’re right.

You can have my privilege too.

All you must do to try it

Is to move out of the cities

Where “recreation” means “to riot.”

You can disagree with me

While you drink another beer

Thanks to taxes paid by this poet

Making 4-figures a year.

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