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The Game Changed Me…

I played a game of Monopoly

And the reactions spanned quite a panoply.

I bankrupted my friends

‘Cause means justify ends…

Now I’ve a monocle and I act foppily.

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Idioms, Like Pubic Hair, Are Better When Short

When life gives you lemons

You make lemonade

Then you give it to children

Who sell it and get paid

Then give you their money

Which your wife will then spend

And life gives you more lemons

And when will it end?

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Supply and Demand

No one ever paid to see

My possum, who played “dead.”

Now I have a dead possum

Who plays “alive” instead.

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Superman Gets A Clue

We triumph over evil
And restore justice all day,
Yet evil and injustice
Never go away.

So I’ve become convinced
By the style of all these crooks
That someone’s sponsoring evil
In order to sell more books.

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