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The Game Changed Me…

I played a game of Monopoly

And the reactions spanned quite a panoply.

I bankrupted my friends

‘Cause means justify ends…

Now I’ve a monocle and I act foppily.

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You all begin by passing “go,”

But who will win we don’t yet know.

You buy land with childish glee

Wherever two dice should decree.

This play continues for a while

And all the players wear a smile

Until the property is bought.

Then the game changes a lot.

Instead of paying endless rent

It pays to be of criminal bent

And spend a couple turns in jail

Before you pay a $50 bail.

But at this point the odds are high

That you know who is the guy

Who’ll win the game when all is done.

At this point it’s no longer fun.

But do you stop when joy is gone?

No! No! No! You carry on!

When bankrupt are the car and shoe,

The thimble’s dead and so are you

So ends the game, and that is when

The winner says “Let’s play again!”

Then you and the losers, at your behest

Punch the winner in his community chest.

Through the pain he says “Tsk, tsk.

“Then how about a game of Risk?”

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Monopoly Ends

It’s half an hour to midnight

As the car runs out of gas.

The hat succumbs to the weather.

The little dog treats me like a cat.

My will is like an iron

As I walk in metal shoes

Towards the hotel of my rivals

And I know I’m bound to lose.

No change, though hours are passing

At the boardwalk by the park.

A steamship carrying wheelbarrows

Passes silent in the dark.

And as I spend my last coin

At the railroad B&O

I look at my thimble overlord,

Roll doubles thrice and to jail I go.

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Camping: Game Night

I remember my first experience
With the wild game
With my family in the wilderness.
It started out the same

As always, with me picking
To buy my real estate
As a very wealthy shoe,
Who I promptly nicknamed “Nate.”

For pocket change we purchased
Some purples and light blues.
Then I rolled three doubles
And had to pay my dues.

I spent three turns in jail,
Until the mountain lion came.
Turns out the wild’s not the place
To play a monopoly game.

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Monopolizing Love: 3 Poems

Our love is like board walk
With a hotel.
It’s great if you have it,
But expensive as hell.

Our love is like park place.
It’s worth it to invest,
But we can’t help but feel
It’s only second best.

Our love happened purely by chance,
And I thought that was all for the best.
Then I heard about your four-house reputation
And your nickname, “Community Chest.”

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