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But They Still Need Taxes?

“What comes up must come down”

My teacher told me with a frown,

But here’s a thing that I don’t get:

Why isn’t that true for government debt?

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The Sequel

Thirty years after the events
Of the movie “Home Alone,”
The little kid who starred in it
Must now pick up the phone

And call the bank to bend and scrape
For money to be loaned.
The mortgage guy approves the app,
A trap for our hero.

And so the boy becomes a man
With a house, all on his own.
The title of the sequel is
Of course, “Home: A Loan.”

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Finance for Dummies

People like having money
And they like buying things,
But choose one of those passions
And the other gets lost.

Until now, that is!
Now you can live like kings
With the finest of fashions
And none of the cost!

(Trumpet Fanfare)

I present to you the credit card!
A source of endless joy
That gives you all that you desire.
Just swipe your tears away!

And if you use the whole thing up,
Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!
You’ll the friendly screeching tires
Of some bankers making sure you’re okay.

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